Duking it out in the email inbox

Let's face it- email real estate is at a premium.

Friends, family, and clients have developed a strategy for avoiding inbox overwhelm by using throwaway email addresses.  Google developed not just a spam folder, but a promotions folder- designed to keep your inbox full of the things you want to read. 

So, how are you going to get them to open your email? Here are three tips for getting your well-crafted email read. 

Choose a Quality ESP (Email Service Provider)

Choosing a quality email service provider is one of the most important decisions you'll make for your business. This means staying away from the free versions if you are concerned about deliverability. A willingness to invest in your business via a quality email service provider is key to list building. Active Campaign, Content Kit, MailChimp (paid version) and Constant Contact have high deliverability to the inbox per industry averages. Additionally, a paid version includes the opportunity to set up your email sequencing which is key to building relationship with your community. 

It's All About the Subject Line

Want your email opened? Reel them in with the email subject line. Keep it short and sweet. Utilize urgency, a special offer, story, or plain old curiosity when crafting your line. Tease them about what's inside the email! And don't neglect the email preview text. 

Try looking through your own email for an entire week, paying attention to the lines that get you to open. Keep notes and look for patterns that resonate with you. 

Offer Value

Once an open isn't always an open if you don't offer value to your community. Your customers and clients have limited time and you have a small window to engage them before the decision to delete is made. Make the cut by keeping your promise to your subject line. 

If you're offering product to your client, always pair it with valuable content. Keep a cadence to your emails that let your customers know you care about them, not just about the sale. Something as simple as value email - value email - value/sales email -value email shows an investment in them and keeps them more likely to open and act.

It's been said that outside of your website, your email list is the only real estate you own in the online world of your business. It's important to treat it with importance.